Are you an educator or company that believes a person's individuality brings strength to the team? Not their skills or their expertise, but who they are and how they communicate that? A confident and unique person adds the right dynamic when they are able to bring their best self forward to the table or classroom everyday. Contact me if you would like to explore a bespoke, interactive and motivating session for your group. 



I bring to the stage a kind of Wabi-Sabi presence. Events that require motivation or inspiration with a dose of relevant vulnerability, humour and real life stories are my forte.  Contact me to explore how I can add to your seminar, event or training.

Rule Breaker ~ Activist



I love the word Delinquent. It smacks of delicious individualism. Life has thrown up some pretty interesting walls, rules and societal judgments that have not only dragged me down, but kicked me when I was down.  My one regret in life was not trusting or believing in myself, when I was younger. I want to change that for others. If you are an NGO or organization working with women and children, let's explore how I can be of service to you.