An Intervention is quite simply a process or technique to help with a very specific problem.

We all have certain situations in everyday life that can trigger an uncomfortable or even anxious state of mind.

How we feel when 'dealing' with those situations often leads to us reacting instead of responding, towards the problem itself and how it can affect us for the rest of the day.

This turns a normal day into a manic one, making you feel like you are avoiding pot-holes or navigating a minefield.

These issues can be draining, especially if you are wasting time & energy finding ways around them, making life far more laboriously complicated than it has to be. 

If these events weren't stressful enough by themselves, the odds are, you start getting worked up about them well in advance, which is not only exhausting, but adds even more pressure to the problem at hand.

The level of frustration and upset you might feel about having these issues can really clutter your mind and affect you in other areas.

You may have even said to yourself 'this is so irrational' or 'why do I get so wound up about this', perhaps you've wondered 'what is wrong with me, no one else seems to be so affected by this'.

The problem gets compounded and expanded when you start comparing what you feel you cannot do easily, to others who seem to have no issue at all. 

This gives your self-esteem a kick in the butt and does nothing to help lessen the impact of the problem itself. 

We all have 'things' that can knock us off kilter and make life a little more difficult or trying than it needs to be. 

The great news is that once upon a time, you never had this problem.  Whether the problem is how you feel about something, how you do something or how you perceive something, you learned how to do it unconsciously.

This means that you can learn a new way to feel, do or see things differently.

How It Works

Life is a bunch of experiences stored in a chronological order of age. 

How we store what we feel about those experience is a different matter. There is no linear data storage facility in our mind for our emotions.

The meanings, learnings, feelings and thoughts associated with those experiences are a matrix of dots and connections only our unconscious can make sense of.

Some of these experiences are what we call S.E.E.'s or significant emotional experiences.

Contrary to what most think, an S.E.E. need not be huge or catastrophic. It just needs to be significant, to make an impact.

When something significant happens, an association of feelings & meanings are attached to it and they will be triggered whenever there is a reminder of the event (even unconsciously).

S.E.E.'s can be both positive and negative. 

A song comes on the radio, bringing a sense of immense connection as it reminds you of that special kiss, or sadness because you listened to it during a break-up.

When you can consciously associate a memory to the swell of emotion or reaction, it makes sense. And in a funny way, lessens the problem because we can find ways to feel better, like turning the radio off.

When you can't figure out why you react so badly to a particular situation, it makes no sense and it leaves you feeling hopelessly out of control and at the mercy of your emotions.

Either way the solution to overcoming discomfort lies in how you 'see' your problem.  

In the same way you can change the look and feel of a photograph in photo shop, you can do the same for your problem.

Another way of looking at it using the example of a song, is to imagine listening to it at a faster speed, it would not fill you with a love connection nor would you feel like crying other than in laughter.  Because the very same song now has a completely different meaning.

If you can change how you see it, you automatically change how you feel about it and then you will not have that problem anymore. 

Is it for you?

Would you like help feeling differently about:

  • Going to the dentist
  • Making presentations
  • Stage fright
  • Driving on the highway or about town.
  • Dealing with a particular person or family member
  • Making decisions 
  • Your Phobia
  • Fears that make life so complicated and restrictive for you
  • What frustrates you
  • liking too much chocolate, biscuits or sodas
  • Sleep
  • And so much more.....