Hypnotherapy is a gentle yet powerfully effective technique to affect positive change. 

Hypnotherapists don't 'fix' problems, because there are no problems to fix.

Instead, a client is guided into an hypnotic state, so that new strategies or ways of thinking, feeling or being, can be suggested or installed. These then replace the old, unhelpful behaviours that were causing the problem in the first place. 

The “state” of hypnosis is actually a very ordinary human experience, there is nothing magical, mysterious or difficult about it.

Since the earliest of times, we have used this technique of hypnosis to calm the mind of noisy chatter, alleviate stress and refresh the body through physical relaxation. 

It is the ultimate 'chilled-out' state of mind that revives, inspires and provides us with eureka moments. 

We experience hypnotic states, many times a day, every single day of our lives.

When you are deeply engrossed in a movie or a good book, listening to a beautiful piece of music or dancing, so focused on what you are doing that you don't hear the person next to you ask a question ~ you are in an hypnotic state. 

In that moment between sleeping and fully awake, when you have an awareness of your surroundings but your mind is still chasing that last tendril of a dream ~ you are in an hypnotic state. 

All of us slip easily and effortlessly into these hypnotic states.

Not only have you experienced these without realizing it consciously, you have also experienced inducing them purposefully and naturally to calm yourself or someone else.

If you have ever told a bedtime story or sang a lullaby to your little one, you have in fact guided them into an hypnotic state so that they can calmly drift asleep. If you have used yoga, meditation or relaxation techniques, you have guided yourself there. 

Hypnotherapy is the art or skill of bringing about dynamic change within the state of hypnosis. 

How It Works

Our unconscious mind runs the show.

It takes care of our breathing, heartbeat, organs, immune system and is literally in charge of our body functioning properly.

It also stores all of our memories, filters our experiences, holds our beliefs, values, habits, fears, memorizes what we do ~ especially our repetitive actions or habits and so much more. It handles everything automatically. It is our cruise control. 

It is a tireless beautiful system that never goes to sleep, working to keep us alive 24/7. 

If you had to consciously run your body you wouldn't be doing a lot else, or you would be six feet under in no time at all! 

Our conscious mind therefore is not in charge and NOT the place to affect any change. 

Have you ever had the experience of driving when your conscious mind wanders off , only to find yourself arriving at the traffic lights wondering how you got there?  

Your unconscious mind got you there, whilst your conscious mind was off thinking about lunch, that argument or what you were going to say at the meeting.

To create change, we need to bypass the Conscious mind with all of it's clutter, noise and rigidity, into the calm, quiet order of the Unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy does this by guiding you from your conscious awake state, through a series of techniques and language, to a relaxed hypnotic state. 

Physiologically you are being shifted from the fast and furious cycle of a Beta brain wave pattern to the slower and more relaxed paces of the Alpha and Theta waves.

It's here in these levels that a person is open and receptive to suggestions for desired change.

Whilst science can't explain exactly why this state opens hyper suggestibility and a deeper connection to the Unconscious mind, it is the reason hypnosis has been used for centuries and is so highly effective with individuals who believe that change is desirable.

Is It For You?

If you truly desire a change for you, not for anyone else......

If it's something you really want to do, not feel you should do or must do......

If you believe that change is possible, but just not sure how to go about it......

If you can put some blind faith into that trusty old Unconscious mind of yours that does such a great job of keeping you alive...

Then whatever you feel you might need help with, you can expect success.